General Motors invests 42 million euros in two plants in the United States

The company will allocate resources at the Spring Hill Global Propulsion Systems (GPS) engine factory to increase its production capacity

The automobile company General Motors (GM) will invest 46.7 million dollars (almost 42 million euros) in two of its US plants located in Tonawanda (New York) and in Sping Hill (Tennessee).

As the company has indicated, General Motors will allocate 40 million dollars (almost 36 million euros) at the Spring Hill Global Propulsion Systems (GPS) engine factory to increase the production capacity of the 5.3-liter V8 engines for its SUVs and big all terrains.

“This investment further consolidates GM’s commitment to our team and the work for our community,” said emporium president Michael Youngs. The Spring Hill GPS installation currently produces three engines that drive up to 13 company models. This investment is added to the one already announced of 22 million dollars (19.7 million euros) made at the beginning of the year at the plant.

On the other hand, GM will invest 6.7 million dollars (6 million euros) in its engine factory located in Tonawanda (New York) to update its production systems. Of the total investment, 2.3 million dollars (2 million euros) will be spent on improving the production efficiency of the 5.3-liter V8 engine.

“This investment is based on our reputation for constantly launching and delivering award-winning high-quality engines,” said the plant’s director, Ram Ramanujam.

Source: dpa

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