Gemini exchange adds Zcash

It is the first cryptocurrency supervised by the Department of Financial Services of New York

The Gemini exchange house founded by the Winklevoss twins has announced that it will allow the exchange of Litecoin, Bitcoin and Zcash. The latter has received a great boost in its value after the news, because it is the first platform approved and supervised by the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS).

Managers of Gemini have indicated that from the beginning deposits will be accepted from unshielded and shielded addresses, but in the case of withdrawals the transactions will be authorized to unshieldded addresses. They are currently studying the case to approve it in the short term.

After the announcement of the exchange with Gemini, Zcash ranked 23rd in CoinMArketCap, reaching an increase in its price close to 400%.


Source: DiarioBitcoin

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