Fundasitio, strengthening solidarity in Venezuela and the world

The foundation created by Rafael Núñez has visions of support that go hand in hand with technology and social responsibility, thanks to his altruistic motivation

Fundasitio was born nine years ago, as part of a dream that little by little became  a reality through constant work and perennial dedication. Everything arose after the visit to “The House of Ana”, via Los Teques, in San Antonio de Los Altos, State of Miranda, a space dedicated to helping girls in difficult situations. Hence the idea of ​​creating this foundation of technological assistance to organizations and altruistic institutions.

The creator of Fundasitio, the technological entrepreneur and social entrepreneur Rafael Núñez Aponte, is aware that the foundation will continue to grow and develop, under the parameters with which it works and relates to society, which are based on establishing links, creativity and help. Goals possible to reach thanks to the innovative and tenacious help of the workers that enhance this sustainable strengthening through communication and technology.

Núñez Aponte recalled that the logo of the organization was made by a collaborator and “it was something simple that still has enormous value.” It is a Lotus Flower, which emerges from the swamp, that is to say, that blooms under any circumstance. His vision to impregnate what represents this flower, together with the crystallization of his dream, always raises and reinforces positive thoughts, because nothing better than a flower to forget difficult or traumatic situations, social problems and hazardous situations.

On the way to internationalization

Fundasitio focuses on maintaining its essence of social transformation, not only nationally but also internationally. “Heaven is the limit … and love heals”, says Núñez Aponte, clarifying the values that ​​define the identity and organizational culture of Fundasitio: commitment, transparency, optimism, generosity, creativity and innovation, which are practiced and combined in the foundation. He points out was completely natural to relate, condense and adopt the Fundasitio slogan: “Your digital link for social welfare.”

Fundasitio focuses on social transformation

At an international level, Fundasitio works based on trust. It currently maintains international agreements with organizations such as: Sanando Foundation / United States; Chamos Charity / England; Come Give Your Hand / Give your hand to Venezuela / Spain; School for Life Zamora / Mexico and Jacinto Convit World Organization / United States, entities that requested their services to know the seriousness and responsibility with which they operate. They have “more than 120 websites already made and tested, with a wonderful human team, and with an efficient headquarters in the CCCT.”

Rafael Núñez Aponte, highlights that the foundation is not only responsible for the development of web pages, it also offers advice, contributing to the vision and mission. As well as sharing guidance in many aspects related to the objectives to be met, costs, social networks and web hosting. They even take care of the promotion.

The Fundasitio team, which runs the Fundasitio team, led by the Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility, Douglimar Rojas, emphasizes the “Digital Inclusion” program. Rojas, always speaks and promotes the donation of websites, for organizations and non-profit institutions in order to allow the insertion in society of information and technology “of NGOs that comply with our guidelines and regulations.”

“We must bear in mind that the rules of Fundasitio are unappealable,” explained Douglimar Rojas. “The organizations and institutions that request assistance must have a history of more than 5 years of work, be legally constituted, possess the documents of formal identification of all those involved, current FIR, among other requirements that the CSR Management will request.” And, above all, ensure that the founder or founders of organizations and institutions, will assume the role of project managers. In case of not being able to assume this role, a written authorization must be delivered and consigned to the person who will be delegated to make decisions related to the structuring of content and web design.

Plans for Venezuela

Fundasitio intends to continue contributing human talent and commitment in the field of humanitarian aid as it receives donations from other foundations that provide them with what is necessary to continue helping those who need it most.

Recently, a foundation named Super Màh donated 850 cans of milk for babies, and through another foundation the formal and legal distribution of the product reached children to help combat deficiencies that are affecting the little ones, who, very often, they die because they do not receive attention to their basic needs.

Solidarity is the key word in Venezuela

Núñez calls on citizens and institutions that have a socially important idea, projects, powerful or potential, especially universities, “to go to Fundasitio, where we receive people willing to invest in others.” He also commented as an example, that has already been discussed and is expected to finalize a project for the development of 3D prostheses “made in Venezuela.

Fundasitio is made up of a magnificent team: Ricardo, Carlos, Yerika, José Alejandro and Deglis, all directed by Douglimar.

Rafael Núñez, closing his explanation, said that in the country situation that we live in, “every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness,” quoting Martin Luther King.

We invite you to visit the Fundasiito social networks for additional information: Instagram: @fundasitio, Twitter: @FundaSitio, Facebook: FundaSitio.

Source: El Sumario

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