Freedom of the press foundation accepts donations in cryptocurrencies

The foundation announced that it accepts donations at BCH, LTC, ZEC, ETH, and BTC

The Freedom of the Press Foundation has announced the measure of accepting donations in cryptocurrencies. Individuals and institutions that wish to collaborate may do so at BCH, LTC, ZEC, ETH and BTC.

After the announcement, the FPF received the first donation from the blockchain communications company Mainframe for an amount of 1,000 ETH. Spokespersons of the organization have indicated that they expect to accept more cryptocurrencies and that they will include assistance for the shielded Zcash address.

Among the projects that FPF hopes to finance with donations is the creation of different initiatives that promote press freedom, as well as mechanisms for reporting irregularities in this delicate sector worldwide. An example of the complaint platforms is  SecureDrop, used by more than 60 news agencies in the world.

Through the link donations can be made to the foundation. Among the members of the board of directors are Glenn Greenwald, Daniel Ellsberg, Laura Poitras and Edward Snowden.

From the FPF in San Francisco, United States, they have highlighted the potential of decentralized technology to empower individuals in the resistance of censorship and the mechanisms to control freedom of speech and freedom of press.


Source: Altcoinss

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