France presented a cryptocurrency project

The French government is in search of an expert in blockchain technology to carry out projects with cryptocurrencies

The Central Bank of France is in the search for an expert in blockchain technology, in order to carry out projects with cryptocurrencies within the nation.

Digital assets and this technology have become very popular throughout the planet in recent years, to the point that countries such as China and the United States, among others, have begun to consider the possibility of developing their own currency.

The French government seeks to be able to offer the population a project where they can benefit from the speed and flexibility that cryptocurrencies offer for transactions, with the small difference that these would come under the control and action of the entity.

So far, many details have not been offered as to what points the French government will cover in order to carry out this plan. However it is expected that the authorities will soon bring more details.

K. Tovar

Source: Criptotendencia

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