First Satoshi Meetup in Caracas will be on October 5th

The first Satoshi Meetup in the South American country will exclusively address bitcoin and issues related to the main cryptocurrency in the market

Venezuela is one of the Latin American countries with the highest volume of transactions in bitcoin, the main cryptocurrency in the environment. In this sense, the First Satoshi Meetup of Caracas has been organized, which will take place on October 5.

In the spaces of the co-working “We Connect” located in the Lido Shopping Center in Caracas, could gather together those interested in knowing more about bitcoin and other topics related to this digital currency. Various international companies have joined forces to organize the event, including Samsom Mow, Blockstream, Bull Bitcoin and Panda Group.

They have also given their support CryptoBrekkie and Francis Pouliot; renowned artists and creatives such as Pascal Boyart, Lucho Poletti and Insulyna. These artists are planning to auction pieces among bitcoiners that allow raising funds that will later be used to organize new meetings.

It was learned that Samourai Wallet team is incorporated into the event “for sending information to share about transactions without Internet and without electricity, adapting bitcoin to the difficult Venezuelan reality.”

The Satoshi Meetup Caracas 2019 is a free event, which will offer participants surprises, literature and other materials about bitcoin. The host will be Javier Bastardo, a graduate in Philosophy from the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), editor, writer and official partner of Satoshi in Venezuela and Cointelegraph in Spanish.

Those interested in attending the educational and informative event should check the social networks of the organizers to know the details, as the maximum quota is 60 people.

Through Satoshi Venezuela on Instagram and emails accounts, you can get more information.


Source: Morocotacoin

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