First Israel’s lunar mission will launch in February

The Bereshit ship, which was scheduled to depart this month, will do so next year from Florida, United States

The first space mission headed by Israel will be starting next February, announced a non-profit organization.

The officials of SpaceIL, together with the state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries, indicated that the “Bereshit” ship will depart to Florida (United States) in February for its launch.

The months trip through space will be driven by the Falcon SpaceX rocket. Initially, the ship was scheduled to take off in December, however the launch was postponed.

Opher Doron, manager of Israel Aerospace Industries, indicated that the ship similar to a conventional washing machine faces a “difficult, arduous crossing” because it must orbit several times before landing.

In case of success, the team in charge of the descent assured that this will represent a great advance for Israeli technology and space travel.

K. Tovar

Source: El Universo

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