First bitcoin voucher is available at Bloomberg Terminal

Two European companies launched what they describe as the world's first genuine bitcoin bond (BTC); a not fiduciary currency

A Luxembourg-based company joined forces with the London Block Exchange (LBX) to issue the bitcoin bond, which is legislated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The Argento-LBX bond represents an innovation in regulated cryptomoney products, as it contains no fiduciary exposure for investors. It is already available through Bloomberg Terminal.

Obviously, there are several durations available. Argento names them according to specific crypto phenomena such as FOMO, HODL and MOON. HODLers are undoubtedly one of the main target markets for bonds.

The project represents an excellent product for people who currently have bitcoin and do not plan to sell it in the coming years. Argento manager Phil Millo said: “We are delighted to have structured and produced the world’s first institutional grade financial product expressed in bitcoin.”

Users will now be able to see their wallets grow without exposing the bitcoin to the vagaries of traditional fiat currency markets.


Source: Cointelegraph

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