Files in Drive trash will be deleted after 30 days

Google has announced that the files in the trash will be deleted automatically

Google has changed the operation of its cloud storage platform Google Drive, which will now delete files from the trash, deleted by users, after 30 days from next October 13.

Previously, when Google Drive users deleted a file, it remained in the service’s trash indefinitely, unless the person actively decided to empty it.

Now, Google has announced through a statement from its Gsuite that the files in the Drive trash will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

The platform will display a notification to its users when this change will enter into force, starting on October 13. As explained by Google, this will only affect the files deleted from Drive after the deadline, because the previous ones will continue to be stored in the trash indefinitely as it happened until now.

In this way, Drive will work in the same way as other Google services such as Gmail, which also removes emails from the trash after 30 days, in order to provide “consistency and predictability” to users, according to the US company.

Source: dpa

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