Fidelity Digital Assets could add support for ethereum

The main obstacles to the adoption of cryptocurrencies for institutional matters are price volatility

Tom Jessop, president of Fidelity Digital Assets (FDAS), the branch in the cryptocurrency market of the financial services giant at the United States, announced that his company could add support for ethereum (ETH) by 2020 upon enough demand for it.

“We have worked hard on ethereum. We intend to have support for this in the New Year. We are very guided by our customers,” said Jessop during an interview with TheBlock industry news media published on December 13.

Jessop also reported that the main obstacles to the adoption of cryptocurrencies to institutional matters are price volatility, lack of regulatory clarity and lack of background (considering the latter as one of the most important aspects), ensuring that over time these difficulties could cease.

“That is, how do I know that if I buy something, it will last tomorrow? What signs of durability or longevity do I have based on the fact that the history of this asset is 10 years old? I think many of these questions are resolved over time.”

According to an analysis carried out by an economic specialist, ether could be the next mechanism to promote the expansion of the crypto market. For this reason, many companies need money to take the institutional adoption of bitcoin to their trading platforms.


Source: bitcoin

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