Fake cryptocurrency news spread through newspaper identity theft

An investigation by the cybersecurity company Panda found this identity theft campaign in media such as El País, ABC, among others

Cybercriminals created a campaign of phishing scams in which they impersonate well-known personalities and the media, by sending emails with false cryptocurrency news, with which they obtain the victim’s personal information.

This is stated by the Internet User Security Office (OSI) and the cybersecurity company Panda, who registered cases of this campaign through the impersonation of various online newspapers such as El País, ABC and El Mundo.

Scammers send emails under the name of one of those newspapers, which include fake testimonials from famous people and online reputations to report “great investment opportunities in the crypto market.”

Cybercriminals take advantage of the fact that many users subscribe to various digital media outlets and regularly read their newsletters to facilitate deception. In this way, they use emails that appear to be legitimate and come from a known address.

As Panda explains through a statement, scammers use cryptocurrencies as a hook, since more and more people are looking to invest in this digital asset. In this case, the tactic used for the phishing attack starts with sending emails from well-known newspapers with links to fake news.

Source: dpa

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