Facial scanning will speed up passenger traffic in airports

The airport in Menorca, Spain, launched a pilot project with the use of facial recognition systems with the goal of eliminating, in the future, the need for a passport and identity cards

The aim of the airport authorities of Menorca, through its pilot project of biometric facial recognition that began this month, is to achieve the total suppression of passports and identity cards. The result would be greater speed in airport admission processes, boarding, billing and other related procedures.

The pilot plan has the support of the Spanish Flight Management Agency, in Spanish Aena, and in its initial stage it applies to the clients of Air Europa airline. The system works through scanners that register the face of people and authorize or deny the passage.

If the results are positive, the measure could be implemented in all Aena member airports. For the moment, it is necessary that people who voluntarily submit to the process of biometric scanning carry with them the usual documents; that is, their passport and identification card.

The reduction of waiting times at airports is another of the objectives of this project, taking into account the volume of traffic that these spaces register annually.

Menorca becomes a test laboratory, but already other Spanish airports have biometric systems installed “for Europeans arriving from third countries, such as border control, in which passports and fingerprints are digitally checked, with facial recognition cameras,” according to the media report.


Source: El Mundo

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