Facebook will invest US $ 130 million in content manager company

The platform announced that it is an independent company that will act as a tribunal to handle controversial cases

Facebook announced an investment plan for the creation of a control court for offensive content, fake news, that promote sexual harassment or violence, among other controversial cases. The preliminary sum for the initiative is US $ 130 million.

The Global Content Advisory Board, as the external social network organization created by Mark Zuckerberg will be called, “will function as a court of last resort to which the most controversial cases will stop and in which ‘juries’ of five people will take a final decision on each matter and they will make suggestions to the company to modify its internal regulations.”

As it is an external company, it will have its own staff that will be in charge of managing the personnel, communications, legal, research, finance, taxes and everything necessary for the control of the contents.

Facebook has tried to solve the problem generated by the publication of offensive content, which promotes violence, of an explicit sexual nature, among others. However, and because it has not been successful, the platform made the decision to create a “court” that is responsible for monitoring, studying and sanctioning such content.

Despite the criticism that Facebook has received for the slow management of questionable content, the platform expects the Global Content Advisory Board to begin its functions in early 2020 to achieve the goal.


Source: ElEspectador

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