Facebook will grant scholarships to study AI applied to data privacy

From the social network announced that they will grant 5,000 scholarships to those interested in studying the application of artificial intelligence in the protection of user data

This Wednesday the social network Facebook announced that it will grant 5,000 scholarships to those interested in learning about artificial intelligence (AI) applied in the protection of users data, security and privacy.

The news was unveiled by Mark Zuckerberg during the F8 developers conference held in San Jose, California. The owner of the most used social network in the world said that it is the online course “Safe and Private Artificial Intelligence” and that it will be taught through the Udacity virtual education portal.

Those interested in obtaining the necessary tools to perform in the data privacy area have until May 21st to register through the Udacity portal. The course has an extension of three months and during this period they will be in contact with artificial intelligence models “in a secure way and using distributed private data with differential privacy, federated learning and encrypted computing techniques.”

For the application process is only required to be over 18 years old, although it is advisable to have some prior knowledge and basic experience of the Python programming tool, as well as automatic learning.

Although its direct competitors, Google and Apple, have been working for some time on the development of data management and artificial learning techniques, Facebook also has a prominent place in these advances.


Fuente: Termometroenlinea.com.mx

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