Government presented future projects for the Arab Emirates

During the Second Annual Meeting of the Government, ideas related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology were proposed

During the Second Annual Meeting of the Government of the United Arab Emirates, attendees presented projects to improve the sector of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology.

The local press said that the participants made an analysis to determine which are the most appropriate methods to attract investors to the Arab country, create an ideal legal framework for entrepreneurs and develop the infrastructure that both the AI ​​sector and blockchain need within the country .

On the other hand, the authorities spoke about the challenges regarding the adoption of technologies and the commitment to the promotion of better schemes for educational contents with positive effects.

Omar Bin Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for IA of the Emirates, said that the nation is a recognition of the importance of disruptive technologies for the success of the future.

There was also a launch of a national program for the development of blockchain technology, which aims to offer a greater number of university education programs that will talk about artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

K. Tovar

Source: Coincrispy

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