Facebook revokes crypto ads ban

The social network decided to allow advertising on cryptocurrencies on its platform

The social network Facebook announced the decision to allow some advertising promotions related to cryptocurrencies, without neglecting crime prevention measures such as deceptive promotions or that harm users. They also ratified the decision to prohibit binary options and ICOs.

Rob Leathern, director of product management at Facebook, has indicated that they will continue reviewing their service policy to optimize the offer to customers and update those that have been banned since January 2018 for security.

Leathern explained the procedure for the acceptance of crypto advertising in the social network. Companies interested in the promotion must send a request to Facebook, which will be evaluated, as well as their licenses and participation in the stock market in addition to their business background.

For this procedure, merchants will have a six question form that includes data about thier account and ID in the social network, the company’s web domain, business address, a brief description of their products and justification of why they want to advertise on Facebook.

Another requirement that the social network is asking companies to show their advertising on cryptocurrencies is that they declare their domain used in the respective promotion clearly. The approval will be subject to the specifications of the platform.


Source: Infocoin

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