Facebook incorporates facial recognition app

The US network and social media services company announced that it will offer this technological advance to 100% of its users

After making this facial recognition technology available to a small percentage of users in 2017, Facebook informed that it will be available to other consumers.

This technology allows to gain more security to the integrity of the users, providing greater control of the published content. It is also known that the progressive activation of the function will be accompanied by a notification and will be delivered disabled by default to each individual who wishes to enjoy it.

The parameters of the use of this function have not yet been specified by the company, however it is known that users will have the choice of activating and deactivating facial recognition, as well as knowing if an image has been uploaded to the network.

However, the advances generated in the functionality, can generate legal problems, due to the impact that Facebook has had with the Federal Trade Commission, who qualifies the function of easy recognition as misleading.

To this is added the demand in 2015 where users of Illinois in the United States demanded the use of this technology and its automatic labeling functions. Given this, the social network announced that it will be implementing its new system on a global scale in the coming weeks.

Source: Xataka

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