Facebook Gaming becomes a tool for video game tournaments

It allows to organize competitions between friends or members of a community

Video game competitions have a new platform for their organization and celebration with the “Tournaments” tool that Facebook Gaming has launched in early access for anyone.

The gaming platform is a new tool that allows you to organize competitions between friends or with members of a community, since it does not require participants to have an account on the social network.

With this function, Facebook allows anyone to organize an event, invite participants and hold a video game competition, from the beginning to the end, as stated on the official creators page.

The tool so far has served as support for live events. However, it has been redesigned to host competitions, of any format, both individually and by teams, and for a variety of games, from the most causal to the most prominent in the eSports offer.

“Tournaments” is available in early access, through the Facebook and iOS mobile apps and the desktop version.

Source: dpa

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