Facebook Colombia improves its privacy policies

The team presented a couple of tools to combat the problems they have been going through in the last two years, regarding data protection

The regional Facebook Latin America team presented two tools in Bogotá (Colombia) that will allow users to have greater control of their personal information.

“We made mistakes, and we faced them. We are addressing them, we are currently implementing a privacy protection standard that is unprecedented in the history of Facebook,” said Paula Vargas, Facebook’s privacy leader for Latin America.

The company created by Mark Zuckerberg had problems regarding the handling of the data during the last years, being one of the most important cases the Cambridge Analytica consultancy.

It should be remembered that the Brazilian Government imposed a fine of 1.6 million dollars in December last year for a leak that involved data from more than 440,000 users.

Vargas says that the learning process that the company went through to improve its practices gave it the ability to better fulfill the “fundamental right” of users.

K. Tovar

Source: Lafm

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