Facebook celebrates its 15th anniversary

Fifteen years after its creation Facebook moved forward with the purpose of connecting the world but on the way it made serious mistakes

The social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004 at the student residence of Harvard transits through “adolescence” with the responsibility to assume the consequences of its actions, in a world where not all have the best intentions.

Facebook has reached an unprecedented success. Being able to gather in a same network more than 2,300 million people from all over the world who use the application to share data, obtain information and connect.

However, those against Facebook criticize its fight to expand instead of focusing  on protecting users or monitoring fraud, intimidation and harassment. Undoubtedly, the Achilles heel of Zuckerberg’s son has been security and eventually privacy.

It should be remembered that last year the social network succumbed to a series of scandals about data protection and privacy. In the same way, there are concerns that the world’s largest social network has been manipulated for political purposes.

After 15 years Facebook is facing maturity and with it comes criticism for every movement it makes. It is no longer praised, on the contrary, it is hard examined to study every false step it dares to take.

The responsibility is greater when you are behind the free apps Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, each one  with more than one billion users.


Source: El Espectador

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