Facebook Business Suite will allow SMEs to manage all social media profiles 

Mark Zuckerberg's company launched the new mobile application and desktop interface that will allow SMEs to manage corporate account profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger without the need to enter each network separately

Facebook has just launched a new mobile application and a desktop interface for small and medium-sized companies, which will allow them to simultaneously consult their corporate profiles on the social networks Instagram, Facebook and Messenger.

According to the announcement of the company created by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Business Suite “is designed to help SMEs save time and money when managing their social profiles.”

This means that companies will not need to enter from platform to the other, but will be able to do it simultaneously. In addition, they will have a single mailbox to which all communications and messages from the three associated social networks will reach. From this mailbox they will be able to “manage their Facebook Messenger instant messaging contacts”.

WhatsApp is not included, for the moment, but it was known that they hope to incorporate it into the new tool Facebook Business Suite throughout 2021. The new application promises to simplify content management by SMEs on all platforms owned by Facebook.

Simple access

For users to be able to use the new app, they only have to link their corporate Facebook accounts to Instagram. From that moment they will have access to the desktop version of Facebook Business Suite.

In the case of mobile phones, page managers will have an access option from the Page Manager application that they can download for iOS and Android operating systems. When the accounts have been linked, companies will have access to updates, will be able to establish contact with their clients, in addition to increasing followers.

Facebook developers are aware of the need for companies to quickly integrate into the world of digitization and are working to offer them new, easily accessible tools to better adapt to new ways of doing business.


With information from agencies and digital media

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