Experts analyze benefits of crypto assets and blockchain in business

The British Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce has organized and invites to a useful conference on November 5, by a panel of specialists who will talk about blockchain technology, crypto assets, its regulatory framework and other aspects of relevant interest

The cryptocurrencies emerged to stay in the financial market. Thanks to blockchain technology, small and medium-sized investors have opened to the creation of innovative payment systems and have contributed to a higher level of transaction security.

At present, it is common to hear about digital assets, electronic commerce, startups, fintech, crypto ecosystem and other terms that shape the new global economy.

People are increasingly interested in these themes. Every year, different events are organized in different countries that allow the sharing of ideas and experiences, as well as obtaining new knowledge from specialists.

In this sense, Caracas will host the conference: “Cryptoactive and Blockchain Technology in Business”, which will take place this November 5, from 7:30 to 11:00 in the morning. They will have a panel of experts who will talk about “the different advantages that this technology offers from a corporate point of view, as well as the legal and accounting considerations that must be taken into account with a global approach.”

November 5 is the appointment in Caracas to examine the theme of “Cryptoactive and Blockchain Technology in Business”

The important meeting is organized by the British Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce within the framework of Fedeuropa activities (Federation of Binational Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the European Economic Area). It is sponsored by Uninet Business School, Innova Consultants, Nexia International and Interjuris.

The conference agenda is organized as follows:

  •   The digital era
  •   Blockchain: features and operation.
  •   Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
  •   Blockchain beyond finance.
  •   Approach to the definition of cryptocurrencies.
  •   Laws on cryptoactive use and blockchain technology.
  •   Uses of blockchain in the corporate and government sector.
  •   Conclusions

The speakers are Jaime Sandoval, director of Innova Consultants; Ángel Meléndez, partner of InterJuris Abogados; Luis Cardona, partner of Nexia International. The specialists focus their presentations to managers, executives of companies in the areas of information and communication technology; innovation and development; legal, administrative, accounting and financial, as well as researchers, professors and students interested in the area of ​​technology.

New global economy

The event review highlights: “Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and Fintech are evolving to transform all industries and the way of doing business. All economic sectors will benefit from the new alternatives offered by these new economic and technological models which open the door to a new world in the technological field, with applications in multiple sectors, generating enormous value to society.”

Through the website of the British Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce,, those interested can obtain the details for the registration as well as the address, at the headquarters of the agency in Caracas. You can also contact them through the telephone numbers + 58212-266.5546 / 266.5229 or emails and


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