Expert ensures that the blockchain will be fundamental in the post coronavirus era

The Colombian expert Manuel Acero Eslava highlights the benefits of this technology and the impact it will have after the pandemic comes to an end

The Colombian blockchain technology specialist, Manuel Acero Eslava, assures that the use of blockchain technology may mark a fundamental tool in the post-corovanirus era.

In relation to the current challenges, Acero affirms that during the last 20 years there has been a lot of discussion on improving collaboration, visibility, traceability, reliability and integration of supply chains, but very little has been done about it.

“With the advent of blockchain in supply chains, many important elements in value generation can finally materialize in one tool. For example, in terms of collaboration, blockchain forces companies to work together around a database where all the flows and transactions that are running in the chain are visible, from the provider to the final consumer”, said the expert.

Thanks to the virtues of this technology, Eslava sees its massive implementation as a great opportunity before the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

Remarkable benefits

“The use of blockchain will be essential for our companies in the recovery stage of this pandemic. The fact of allowing the almost perfect balance between supply and demand in the supply chain is a strength to generate liquidity in companies”, assured. the Colombian specialist.

Blockchain registry, smart contracts and Internet of Things (IoT) devices in supply chains will be essentials to face the covid-19 pandemic, since statistics such as body temperature and distancing can be measured in real time between people in controlled work environments.

“In supply chains, it is surely where the most emergency protocols are going to be generated. Smart body temperature sensors, distance between people and work groups can send information via blockchain and through smart contracts, give alerts to the corresponding organization and medical entity, minimizing the reaction time to the emergency”, he said.

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