Exchanges will support the creation of a decentralized bank

The Binance group allegedly bought 5% of the shares for an amount of 155 million dollars

This Thursday the exchange group Binance announced that it will support the creation of a decentralized bank that will have its main headquarters in Malta.

According to several sources, this group would have taken 5% of the shares of this self-styled Founders Bank group. It is presumed that the investment would be about 155 million dollars.

This bank will be based on blockchain technology and will have the function of creating alliances with Neofund fundraising platforms.

The next step is for the European Union to grant a special license to operate officially. In case of obtaining it, the institution will be considered as the first decentralized bank in the world.

Chanpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, gave his first impressions of this business through the personal twitter social network to comment on the news, affirming that “Malta is the fusion territory where traditional finance and the blockchain come together. A lot can happen in just 3 months.”

K. Tovar

Source: BCfocus

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