Evolution of ICT favors the economy

Products are more efficient and can reach a wider spectrum of customers thanks to information technologies

Every user of a mobile device generates information. By clicking on a message, reviewing social networks, paying for a service or making an online purchase, we are generating a data route thanks to information and communication technologies (ICT). Its evolution is drawing a new map of business and investments, while favoring the diversification of information which reaches the customer more quickly.

ICTs currently allow a democratization of information on banking, financial, political, commercial or educational fields. Since the data cluster does not “expire”, they are used by a rapidly growing number of users.

The evolution of ICT has led to the production of goods, practically tailored to the client and offer added value. The information provided through each query, click or call allows to know the behavior of investors, their trends and preferences in the academic, cultural, scientific, business, health, sports, marketing and more. The data avalanche is now produced, managed and enriched by actors ranging from engineers, programmers, journalists, technicians, designers, cartographers or activists.


Source: Ticnegocios

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