European Parliament seeks to end cryptocurrency anonymity

MEPs have discussed sensitive issues that affect the security of transactions

The new economy trends oriented to electronic commerce, digital transactions and payment with cryptocurrencies have trapped most of the countries in the world. The European Union has given its approval to the block chains. However, another story is glimpsed with respect to cryptocurrencies.

The member countries are concerned about the lack of information to the client or user regarding the digital assets, the origin of the funds in cryptocurrencies, as well as its use for various illicit acts such as money laundering or the financing of terrorist acts such as those perpetrated in the recent years in Belgium, France, Russia and other countries.

Other crimes that seek to prevent representatives of the EU are money laundering and tax evasion. On the other hand, and to combat the anonymity of cryptocurrencies, they are in favor of offering all information to users about the platforms for exchanges and transactions, as well as those that offer virtual wallets or purses.

A sensitive aspect that has also been analyzed by MEPs is the potential risk that non-member countries of the Union could represent in terms of tax crimes through cryptocurrencies.

M.Pino / @mpinoa

Source: Criptotendencia

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