EU accuses Russia of “fake news” campaign

The European body assured that the government of Vladimir Putín would be spearheading a disinformation process involving the coronavirus

The European Union (EU) accused Russia of being behind a disinformation campaign and launching conspiracy theories about the coronavirus pandemic in order to create confusion and damage the community club in the midst of the crisis.

With this strategy, Moscow seeks to generate “panic” and pretend that the institutions can “collapse” at any time, argued the EU External Action Service, which explains that the objective of the Kremlin is to undermine the confidence of citizens in their health systems and, ultimately, their national authorities and international institutions.

In his view, the Kremlin-related media is not trying to “sell an idea” about the coronavirus but to “confuse” the audience by spreading “alternative facts” about this crisis.

According to reports, the Russian disinformation tries to generate disagreement in the midst of the health crisis by offering different versions, explanations, leaks and sensational revelations.

Regarding conspiracy theories, the EU accuses Russia of encouraging ideas such as that the pandemic was a biological weapon developed by the United States, the United Kingdom and the Belarusian opposition, or that the situation was being exaggerated by pharmaceutical laboratories to do business.

K. Tovar

Source: Mundo Deportivo

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