EOS blockchain is not operational yet

According to managers' statements, the freezing is due to some vulnerabilities in the operation of system addresses

A year ago, the Block.one company reported that it would be launching its own network in Blockchain and EOS tokens, which would be supported by the EOS.IO software and integrated with a system that would perform the mining process through “a system of continuous approval vote.”

However, in its most recent announcements, the company stated that the EOS Blockchain hasn’t been enabled, even after the completion of the Initial Offer in Cryptocurrency (ICO) of the EOS project, carried out last Friday, June 1, and with which they  raised US $ 4 billion.

Although the new tokens distributed during the ECO ICO were supported in the Ethereum Blockchain, that is, they were ERC20 tokens, they are currently frozen and the users who invested in them are waiting for them to be moved to the main network of EOS, so they can use them. This means that these tokens can’t be used “until the project starts”.

According to the statements, the reason for the freezing is due to some vulnerabilities in the operation of the EOS Blockchain. A research group allegedly detected 50% of EOS token addresses not yet registered in the network, added to the presence of a possible attacker who was remotely executing a series of arbitrary codes on the nodes and who could take control of the entire net.

N. Moncada

Source: CoinCrispy

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