Dubai’s Atlantis Hotel will accept payments through digital wristbands

Guests will only need to wear the bracelet to cancel services, activities and amenities

Dubai is currently one of the favorite destinations of millionaires and magnates. It has a high level of economic development and its touristic offer is captivating. In this sector there is a novelty related to the payment system in hotels. This is a digital wristband that will launch the Atlantis hotel to allow guests to cancel services and all the activities included in their package.

The hotel, part of the The Palm Resort chain, has just proposed the launch of a bracelet that will work like a virtual wallet. A concept that is currently widely handled in transactions with cryptocurrencies. With this the establishment becomes the first in the country to use a payment system based on blockchain.

Through an intelligent agreement called Lucid Pay, hotel guests will have the facility to digitally cancel the services and additional expenses. The system will allow greater efficiency, transparency and also avoid undue or double charges. It is a way to avoid fraud and unnecessary paperwork.

The parties involved may know the data uploaded to the Lucid Pay platform. Regarding the digital payment system, hotel spokespersons have indicated that they seek to offer customers comfort and, above all, make them feel at home in the facilities.

Anthony Lynsdale, vice president of Information Technology at the Atlantis hotel, said they hope to extend the payment method with digital wristbands to third parties, so that guests can cancel services elsewhere and charge them to their hotel bill.


Source: Infobae

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