DragonChain launches its blockchain platform

With an open source license, DragonChain is a public-private hybrid blockchain platform that seeks to facilitate the development and integration of various applications

The American blockchain technology company recently launched its central platform under an open source license. The creators explained that the launch will boost “adoption between companies and developers looking to build their own blockchain-based applications.”

Joe Roets founder and CEO of DragonChain said: “Releasing the source code to the public was always part of our plan. With this version, we believe that the potential impact can be maximized by the blockchain community, offering opportunities for developers and driving technology adoption.”

The company offers technology services providing flexibility to creators looking to build their own applications in smart contracts.

According to the statement, DragonChain’s public-private hybrid architecture allows a company to maintain control over sensitive business information. It also provides the freedom to display data selectively on public networks.

Without a doubt, Dragon contributes a robust code that will allow any developer to explore new and innovative blockchain use cases.

L. Sáenz

Source: Diario Bitcoin

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