DNS attacks generated an expense of US$ 7 million

An investigation conducted by EfficientlP determined that a large part of the public entities suffered from the attack of hackers during the past year

Through a study entitled “Global Report on DNS Threats 2019“, it was determined that the cost of attacks on DNS was about 7 million dollars.

According to the report, 51% of public entities experienced a fall or interruption of their critical services as a result of such attacks.

On the other hand, the EfficientlP team determined that almost half of the public entities suffered a cloud fall.

“The growing number of online public services has expanded the field of hackers. If we consider that 91% of malware uses DNS, analyzing DNS transactions is essential to discover any hidden threats in network traffic. In particular, the detection of data filtration through DNS requires visibility and analysis of customer transactions to the destination domain,” says David Williamson, CEO of EfficientIP.

In order to cope with these types of situations, an investment of approximately seven hours is required, where the risk of losing confidential data, both personal and financial, is quite high.

K. Tovar

Source: Revistabyte

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