Disney Plus becomes the movie theater for premieres

In the absence of cinemas, the streaming platforms will provide the premiere of major productions such as Cruella and Mulan

Disney plus will become the new movie theater to enjoy the best big screen productions that are supposed to hit theaters, but due to the global contingency caused by COVID-19, the tradition of going to the movies has been seriously affected.

Throughout these months, it has become evident how several cinemas have had to close their doors, while others have decided to operate for the enjoyment of entertainment lovers, triggering surprising popularity.

Productions such as Mulan, Cruella, Peter Pan, Pinocchio or the next Pixar film called Soul are some of the films that are part of the platform’s programming, as well as some live-action adaptations.

Although a final decision has not been made about this initiative, it is known that Disney Plus continues to “analyze all the options, and everything is under consideration and planning of the current contingency.”

In addition, the platform indicated in a report that it will continue with “plans to rely heavily on its direct-to-consumer product initiative and to continue building the giant Disney +, whose number of subscribers increased last quarter.”

K. Villarroel

Source: fayerwayer

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