Disney buys entertainment division of 21st Century Fox

After a long round of negotiations, the sale of US $ 71 billion has been finalized. The Department of Justice of the United States gave the approval

Negotiations between two giants of the world of cinema came to an end and it is official the purchase of the entertainment division of 21st Century Fox by the Disney studios for US $ 71 billion.

After several days of negotiations, Fox shareholders finally signed the sale to Disney entrepreneurs. The representatives of both firms met at the Hilton Hotel in New York, where the round of discussions ended.

As it was known, the sum agreed for the payment will be divided into shares and cash. After the signing, the film production company passes into the hands of Disney.

Although the sale has already been formalized and approved by the US Department of Justice, Disney will have to submit to regulatory frameworks of several international territories.

On the other hand, it will also have to get rid of Fox’s regional sports subsidiaries, because it already has ESPN. Nor will it have assets under its control such as some broadcast chains, such as Fox News, Fox Business and Fox Sports. Local television stations will merge with a new company called New Fox.


Source: La Tercera

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