Digital nomads, the new labor trend

The professionals of the millennial generation get ride of time and space ties and work while they travel

The possibilities opened by technology give way to a new conception of work: the communities of so-called digital nomads. For this reason, various companies organize physical spaces in destinations of touristic interest so that young digital nomads have access to adequate places to develop their professional activity.

Obviously this option is not for everyone, nor of course for all jobs. Those activities that require physical presence are susceptible to nomadism.

Undoubtedly, this type of work is expected to increase in the future, since robotization absorbs the most routine, physical tasks that require people to be present in a work place .

As in so many socio-economic phenomena developed by technology, it is still a mystery if the extension of this digital nomadism is just a fleeting fashion.

What is certain is that more and more young people now decide to break with the traditional system for a season and travel unattached with jobs, sometimes with precarious conditions, but that allow them to have enriching experiences and learn from other cultures, which can be also a valuable source of talent for organizations.


Source: Banca&Negocios

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