Digital advertising takes profit of blockchain technology

It represents an ally for transparency in the marketing universe

The various actors of advertising industry are joining forces in the search for greater security in the handling of data, contracts settlement, payments and revenues management in this important area of ​​the marketing industry. Currently, blockchain technology represents a solution for these and other key aspects.

IBM and digital content provider Salon Media Group are currently testing blockchain technology with the concept created by the nonprofit consortium AdLedger, which focuses on shared accounting for the digital advertising market.

They are talking about a “Campaign Reconciliation” project that allows them to eliminate intermediaries between the three main advertising actors: advertisers, publishers and consumers, with interference in the fulfillment of contractual conditions, payments from publishers with an auditable, permanent, diversified and impenetrable system. Additionally, they foresee a P2P network to achieve total transparency in the production of digital advertising.


Source: Cointelegraph

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