Dell suffered a cyberattack that threatened user data

The company detected a cyber attack aimed at its servers that allegedly failed to fulfill its mission

The US company announced an episode of cyber attack that suffered a few days ago, specifically on November 9th and was reported as an unauthorized activity in its network.

The hackers wanted to take control of information such as names, email addresses and passwords of users. However, credit card data and other sensitive data were not impacted.

For its part, Dell said it acted as soon as possible after detecting the attack and hired a digital forensic company to conduct the relevant investigation and analyze the consequences of possible interference.

The company clarified that there was no impact on the servers or customer information. That is, no conclusive evidence was found to prove the theft of the data.

Although there was no theft of user information, Dell invited its users to change their passwords for prevention. In any case, the restart of the keys was already caused.


Source: FayerWayer

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