Czech Republic sets aside budget for startups

The investment bank Benson Oak collected 100 million dollars to support companies that bet on blockchain technology

Czech Republic, through the investment bank Benson Oak announced that it will collect 100 million dollars to support startups that are dedicated to the use of blockchain technology.

This was stated by the Israeli media Calcalistech, indicating that the new investment project is named Benson Oak Ventures and has already raised about 25 million dollars.

It is intended that the rest of the investments come from family offices and funds from private entities. At the moment the support of the institutions has not been included.

The fund would be interested mainly in blockchain startups that offer customers to create platforms that allow the growth of the community to enhance the use of the block chain in the general public.

The blockchain companies have shown a high growth in recent times, it is expected that projects of this style will be announced soon.

K. Tovar

Source: Coinvedi

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