Cybersecurity experts warn about WhatsApp vulnerability

The messaging application that facilitates communications, can be used for criminal purposes

Different kind of crimes have recently proliferated in the famous application WhatsApp. There are groups in which pornographic videos of extreme crudeness are played, featuring children, also beheadings or aggressions against collectives, until they reach the grooming, in which adults use the network to sexually harass minors.

With regard to grooming, usually an adult with a false identity enters groups already created or create a topic striking for adolescents aimed at meeting young people and satisfy their interests. Subsequently, they establishes an individual contact with minors and tries to get compromising photos or videos.

Another group that has multiplied with the arrival of WhatsApp are people suffering from eating disorders or suicidal tendencies. While some users only seek to cope with a condition, others are able to carry out dangerous practices.

Experts explain that one of the problems of being in this type of group is that it is very difficult for the family of those involved to know what is happening, since everything remains in a very closed and intimate circle.

The solution begins with prevention. We must educate children and adolescents to make a healthy use of new technologies. It is about teaching them to differentiate what content they should consult and what they should not and, of course, request the help of an adult if necessary.


Source: El País 

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