Cybercriminals hack accounts of Venezuelans who have crypto assets

The accounts are used by hackers to carry out business. Once the transfer is received they disappear with impunity with the victim's money

The rise of bitcoin and the main cryptocurrencies attached to a platform that allows to store value and acquire it both in goods and services, in countries with strong financial problems. Given this reality, customers look for mechanisms that largely protect their purchasing power, using assets with greater value than their legal tender in their countries of residence.

These technological tools apart from being attractive to its users have also been so for many people and organizations that take advantage of this boom to perpetuate scams by attracting people by offering them what seems to be an excellent investment opportunity to then disappear with the stolen capital, leaving the victim without the possibility of recovering their money or their digital currencies.

According to the testimonies of those affected, it is believed that given the ease that results in tracking the funds once they reach a bank account, the operation could be linked to persons deprived of liberty in Venezuelan prisons. These types of scams are becoming more frequent through social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, where strangers take control of accounts to make fraudulent offers to contacts of affected people.

Due to the delicate nature of this situation, it is important to keep some recommendations to avoid being victims of fraud.

It is vital to maintain a good protection of social network passwords as well as being permanently renewing them. Also, to avoid entering private data in social networks, verify URL links so as not to be victims in pages that appear to look like the social networks that are usually used. Additionally, users must protect their account with double authentication systems, take care of their identity in social networks and most importantly, not offering private information to unknown people.


Sources: dailybitcoin


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