Cuban fashion brand starts exports to the United States

The first Cuban fashion house, Clandestina, will show its Caribbean creations in a temporary store that will open in New York and another one in Washington DC during this month

Clandestina, a Cuban fashion firm, announced on its website that it temporarily ventures into the United States and encourages people to attend the New York store that will remain open from June 4 to the June 20. Clients can go shopping and enjoy different activities such as workshops and art presentations.

Undoubtedly, the brand founded by Idania Del Rio and Leire Fernández represents a before and after about the paradigms in the Cuban economy. The enterprise has had to fight and try to build a name in the market with nails and teeth. For this reason, leaving the island and arriving in the United States was unthinkable.

During the event, garments may be worn for the artists present to personalize them. The t-shirts and bags of the brand show humor, suspicion and the capacity to resolve as a way of life in Cuba. The slogans of the brand have a very strong connection with the spirit of the island: “Nothing is Perfect”, “Resist and Overcome” and “The Drama is Over” are popular phrases along with “Actually, I’m in Havana”.

Leire Fernández, founder of the firm, said: “As a fashion brand of a socialist country we understand that fashion is not a necessity, it is an expression. We believe that companies can become sustainable and that is what people in Cuba have been doing for many years, almost without resources. And the result is a living culture, full of creative people.”

It is worth emphasizing that Clandestina operates worldwide since 2017 and sells in its store located in Havana, in retail stores abroad and online. In November of last year they presented their collection “Country in Construction” at the National Museum of Fine Arts.


Source: Fashion Network

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