CryptoKitties, digital pets based on blockchain

Adorable pets that cannot be destroyed, replicated or taken away from owners

Cats lovers can enjoy the news about digital kitties provided by a game based on blockchain technology. It’s CryptoKitties, the world’s first game based on this tendency. The difference between this game and digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum is that cryptokitties are collectible. It means you can buy, sell, or trade your product in a secure way thanks to blockchain technology.

This game was launched November 2017, based on blockchain from Ethereum. The requirement for the users is to have ethers and a digital wallet from MetaMask. December last year, CryptoKitties represented 14% of last 1,500 movements of Ethereum blocks.

The most recent inniciative of CryptoKitties has been the creation of a digital pet for NBA’s star Stephen Curry, from the Golden State Warriors. “It’s the first step towards digital pets inspired on celebrities”, said Caty Tedman, Association Director of the company. They aim at making these collectibles also “tokenizable”.


Source: CryptoKitties

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