Cryptohacking affects 50% of British corporations

A survey carried out by Software Citrix concluded that more than 50% of the companies in United Kingdom have suffered at least one attack with malware

A survey conducted in United Kingdom by the company Software Citrix to a sample of 750 executives from various companies concluded that more than 50% of the corporations in the country have suffered at least one attack of cryptohacking or malware.

The survey published last August 15th also established that at least 30% of the companies in the test assured they had been affected by these attacks last month.

During the first quarter of 2018 cryptohacking cases increased up to 629%, an amount considered really frightening. Undoubtedly, this represents an alarm for regulatory authorities on every activity related to cryptocurrencies mining in United Kingdom.

Illegal mining is carried out in a silent manner so the users cannot notice at once that something is going on with the CPU of their computers which operative capacity is killed by unseen mining.

Both people and companies are victims of these attacks every day all over the world. That is why detection and protection mechanisms have been implemented through projects and sophisticated applications besides legal sanctions against network hackers.


Source: TG.Press

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