Cryptocurrencies continue to rise in the market

The month of May has been very positive for the digital assets of the world, which saw an increase in their values ​​of more than 50%

The month of May was very important for the main cryptocurrencies of the world, which experienced growth of more than 50% compared to the month of April.

One of the most outstanding of this month has been the bitcoin, which for the date registers a cost of approximately 8,724 dollars, while the ethereum is located at 283.3 dollars.

The prices of ripple, bitcoin cash, stellar and tron ​​also rose between 2 and 3% compared to the day of May 29, so their prices are located at about 0.46, 467, 0.14 and 0.035 dollars respectively.

The specialists maintain the hypothesis that in the coming days the cryptocurrencies will continue to rise, until a point that some corrections appear that make them fall slightly.

One of the most striking cases has been the bitcoin sv, whose price rose sharply in recent days despite the problems facing the digital currency due to Craig Wright’s actions, which generated a strong rejection in the community leading the cryptocurrency was removed from the list of some of the most important exchanges.

K. Tovar


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