Cryptocup: The first game associated with blockchain

These are predictions that players will make using tokens based on the results of the World Cup matches in Russia 2018

The test network of the Ethereum cryptocurrency, Ropsten, created a game called Cryptocup that is based on the prediction of results of matches that will run from June 14 to July 15 at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

The same is used by tokens or Tokens Cryptocup, as it was called, not fungible under the ERC-721 protocol, perfect for this type of activities since the file can not be divided into smaller portions. The game will be available from May 10 of this year, towards the World Cup event.

Cryptocup is the first prediction game of the World Cup that is made through intelligent contracts in the blockchain, where players will make their own tokens when they make their predictions on the game’s website through Metamask.

The tokens are personalized and unique since each player will build it to their liking. Everyone earns points when they compare their predictions with actual results and those with the highest amount will be rewarded with awards as indicated by an intelligent contract.

A. Rodríguez

Source: CryptoCup.

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