Crypto Night 2020 event has already started

This year's edition, focused on the study of how cryptocurrencies affect current societies, is being carried out through Discord

The Crypto Night 2020 event is already taking place, through the Discord platform and with the help of the Bitcoin Chile team.

This edition is addressing the issue of how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology affect current societies.

The big news this year, and due to the current health situation, is that anyone in the world can take part in this event thanks to the fact that it is taking place remotely.

The conference began on December 2, led by Miguel Klagges, the president of NGO Bitcoin Chile. Klagges gave a brief introduction to the event highlighting the effort the entire team had put into bringing the conference to Discord.

The focus of the first day was on the presentation of Torsten Hoffmann’s documentaryCryptopia: Bitcoin and Blockchain, the future of money“. This footage brings different perspectives on the use, adoption and regularization of cryptocurrencies in different societies.

The community and the different positions that exist regarding cryptocurrencies were also included within the documentary. This group was also present at the event, and at the end of the display a space was opened for the public, the press and organizers to share their ideas.

All those who are interested can access the presentations and talks that will take place until next Saturday, December 5, free of charge.

K. Tovar


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