Crypto Nation: an innovative concept

Switzerland tops the list of countries to become the first one

The search for a more solid and prosperous future for cryptocurrencies is leading countries towards a competition to become a crypto nation. This implies a process of adapting negotiation models, investment in people training and technology, as well as a reliable regulatory framework.

At present, the list of countries with the greatest chance of achieving this is headed by Switzerland, where there has been a boom thanks to a concentration of millionaire investors and technology specialists associated with foreign currency offers or ICO.

In fact, the town of Zug, near Zurich, is currently considered the “Crypto Valley”. This association has settled the debate on the possibility of investment in start-ups of any person who owns a smartphone.

In the race to become a crypto nation there are also Singapore, Hong Kong and Estonia. However, Switzerland remains at the top after an investment in 2017 of 500 million dollars.


Source: Expansión

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