company launches new exchange

More than one million users will have the possibility to trade with digital assets through the web interface

The renowned cryptocurrency platform announced the launch of its new exchange,, on November 14. The purpose is to continue stimulating the mass adoption of digital currencies to more than one million users who will have the possibility to trade with crypto assets through the web interface, trade API or through its application.

This new launch conforms to the company’s policies aimed at continuing to offer cryptographic support to all its services, so the new exchange reinforces the vision of CEO and co-founder Kris Marszalek to create full service experiences for the holders of their wallets.

“In the next bullfight, the companies that will surely prosper are those that manage to build a complete ecosystem… It is very difficult for a company that offers a single type of product to compete with companies with a wider distribution that covers each of the use cases.”

The crypto exchange will offer three types of exchange, which match the CRO token, tether (USDT) and bitcoin (BTC) against BTC, ether (ETH), stellar (XLM), XRP, EOS, litecoin (LTC), MCO, CRO and USDT. They also said they will continue working to incorporate more crypto assets to the exchange platform.

The executive also announced the launch of a blockchain fundraising platform called The Syndicate by offering project creators a way to raise capital and maintain equity through a hybrid of credit / debit cards “with cryptographic guarantee, which which will contribute to an ecosystem of so complete, so sticky“, that new users register, and old ones stay.


Source: bitcoin

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