Crimes with cryptocurrencies provoked large expenses in 2019

The firm Chainalysis said that at least 1.1% of the transactions, a total of 11,500 million dollars, left the crimes committed with digital assets

In the year 2019, the mark left for cryptocurrency crimes was quite large, to the point of representing an expense of $ 11.5 billion as indicated by the Chainanalysis firm.

In the report “Cryptographic Crimes 2020″, the group said that crime-related operations accounted for 1.1% of cryptoactive operations.

“The decentralized and semi-anonymous nature of cryptocurrency makes it an exceptionally attractive option for criminals”, says part of the report.

On the other hand, it details that “illegal transactions in cryptocurrencies have increased, both in total value and in part of all cryptocurrency activity.”

The most recurrent type of crime was the pyramids, through which criminals obtained $ 4.3 billion.

“2019 was the biggest year for cryptocurrency scams so far. Scammers looted assets worth approximately $ 4.3 billion of victims to convert their stolen funds into cash,” the report highlights.

K. Tovar

Source: El Economista

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