Created cryptographic riddle that hides three Ethers

The coding artist Zd3N hid a private key in the image they have associated with Platonic geometry, golden ratio and philosophical considerations

The coding artist Zd3N has created a new crypto-puzzle through which he hides a private key that stores 3.1377 ethers (ETH). Whoever solves the “strange geometry” will receive said cryptocurrencies in their personal portfolio.

Promoted by Codex, a decentralized platform for the registration of collectibles, works of art and luxury items that can be exchanged, traded and auctioned, the artist referred to the famous B347y, truth and rarity, a riddle that was waiting for 3 years to be solved, until the beginning of January 2018, and that contained encrypted messages that led to its solution.

For the time being, a Telegram group dedicated to resolving riddles has been created, where enthusiasts share their theories and various techniques to find the answer. So far, there have been investments of color in the image, altering its values ​​to see if any new track arises, since the original image is in PNG format and hides many details not visible at first sight, so it must be downloaded from the Web page.


Due to this, theories related to Platonic geometry, golden ratio, philosophical considerations and even comparisons of the polygon with the painting Leonardo Davinci’s Last Supper, which seems to be structured in a very similar way, have arisen.

The global community expects, as good fans to this type of challenges, the resolution of the strange riddle that has more than one developer of the Blockchain environment working to get the reward.

N. Moncada

Source: dpa

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