Colored Coins allows people to create digital tokens

The platform joins others existing in the crypto market, such as those specialized in the design of digital tokens such as Bitmain's Wormhole and Bitprim's Keoken

Digital commerce has driven the emergence of numerous tools, applications and platforms to invest and make money. In the ecosystem of digital currencies, new developments such as Colored Coins, a platform that allows creating digital tokens for virtually anyone, quickly emerge.

This new software was created on the basis of BitcoinCash (BCH) by the developers of and Cashpay. Colored digital coins will serve to demonstrate possession of material goods such as precious metals, bonds, investments or even a car.

They are simple to use and although they are not well known they have had a positive use in the process of initial offer of currency, or ICOs, in a few minutes and at low cost.

It is a young innovation and the creators expect it to become popular in the coming years, making companies use them for different transactions.

One of the main benefits of Colored Coins is that they will facilitate commercial exchanges worldwide from any Internet connection, without commissions or surcharges.


Source: Blockchain Academy

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